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Happy Patients at Riffey Chiropractic and Alternative Health

Patient Testimonials

Riffey Chiropractic has been helping Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and Loomis patients for years. Here is a brief sampling of what some of them have to say about us. Come see for yourself what Dr.’s Cleo and Gary can do to help you!

Remarkable Results

The results we have experienced with both my daughter and myself are remarkable! My daughter is now off all her asthma and allergy medications. I have told everyone I know about Dr. Cleo! ~Jeannette L.

Hopeful For My Future

Dr Cleo’s knowledge and expertise in all things health blew me away and the precise techniques taking guesswork out of the picture was appealing. I have never felt more hopeful for my future, ever. And the staff is beyond friendly and comfortable to work with. What a beautiful feeling leaving my first visit! ~Carri P.

Appreciate Help

“Your help for me and my family has been invaluable. I will continue to refer you to anyone and everyone who needs physical and or emotional help. I never knew til coming to you that problems I thought were beyond help could be solved. I have relief finally and am completely impressed and amazed. For a long time the medical world had no answers for me and I was suffering terribly daily. Thank you so much for all you give and do to help humanity! I appreciate it more than words can say.” ~Cecilia N.

Happy To Be Back

“I was happy to be back to see Dr. Riffey again being away for so long. I was hurting really bad in my hip, but he made me feel right at home. I forgot how humorous he is, like being at a comedy club and getting a free treatment, afterwards I was laughing, best of all I was out of pain. Thanks Doc I’ll be back!” ~Susan L.


“I was so thrilled to finally find a chiropractor who uses the Activator method, as I was having to travel to the bay area for treatments. Dr. Riffey is wonderful–plus he listens and understands my needs as a hobby farmer who can’t take time off from work.” ~Kim B.

Holistic Methods

“I am so happy to finally find someone who works with AK and other holistic methods. I am a sensitive person, so have been looking for someone who understands how to work with the energetic fields as well as the physical body.” ~Terry A.

Feeling So Much Better

“I feel so much better after just the first visit!” ~Marian P.

So Excited To Of Found You!

“So excited to have found you! Look forward to a long term relationship for my entire family!” ~Angi M.

Helpful Treatments

“I have been a patient over 15 years, and I have always received helpful treatments for chronic neck/back issues. The office has always been extremely professional . The Riffey’s have amazing knowledge and are current with the latest treatments.” ~Carrie L.

Very Positive

“Very positive attitude from the doctor, very aware of new, modern, current treatments. State of the art knowledge on managing my complex condition with very positive results after first visit. I have confidence he can help me.” ~Ann B.

Back Is Feeling Great

“I loved meeting Dr. Riffey and am very optimistic that he can help me! He made me feel very comfortable and did a great job explaining everything he was doing. My back also felt great after and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.” ~Christine O.

Sold On Alternative Treatment

“Never thought I’d see a chiropractor. I’m completely sold on this alternative treatment. Pain in neck/shoulder was resolved at first meeting.” ~Lyn M.


“I went from a week flat on my back with lower back issues, unable to do anything, to after 2 visits able to board a plane and spend 4 days in Disneyland walking all day and even riding some rides. I am so thankful for Dr. Gary and Cleo, their knowledge and care.” ~Linda C.


“Am impressed with the treatment I received, which has eliminated the constant pain in the groin that on occasion was almost unbearable. I had a good nights sleep and played golf today with-out the pain in the groin re-appearing, so I am very grateful for this first success of the treatment !” ~Esbern M.

Love Coming Here To Heal And Feel Better!

“Love coming here to heal and feel better! Such a positive and healing environment. I have no doubts about the treatments I’m receiving will help me live a healthier, clearer life! Thank you!” ~Kory M.

Very Pleasant

“Dr Riffey was very pleasant and has a nice sense of humor. I felt very comfortable being around him. He did take time to explain what procedures he is going to attempt on my body. I’m hopeful that he can help take away the pain and improve the function of my sciatica and back.” ~Shelley C.

Very Confident

“After most of my eldest sons in-laws waxing euphoric about Dr.Riffey, I have to say that I feel VERY confident that I have been properly diagnosed and treated. I called him the “Body Whisperer” on my way out. Angry at myself for waiting so long to see him.” ~Gayle H

Knee Pain Has Diminished

“The cartilage on my left knee is disintegrating and I’ve had to wear knee braces for years and deal with throbbing pain. I’ve had five treatments of laser therapy (so far) and my pain has diminished.” Cherelyn L. April 2011

Frozen Shoulder Relief

“For about four years, I had frozen shoulders. The pain was a constant difficulty and strain. My life was restricted to being a couch potato and I was very uncomfortable and very depressed. I was unable to lift my arms to do even the simplest tasks like brushing and washing my hair or changing my clothes. During that time, I saw my family doctor for cortisone shots, pain pills and anti-inflammatory medication. I saw an orthopedic specialist for possible surgery which wasn’t a definite solution. I saw a Chinese acupuncturist, used pills, creams, patches, herbal remedies and nothing worked deep enough to help my pain or give me relief.” “Since seeing Dr. Gary, my relief has been tremendous. After being treated, I received relief and am so happy that I can now perform my daily tasks and even exercise! My life is so much better now! Thank you Riffey Chiropractic!” Aileen T. Patient since 2007 Call our Rocklin chiropractic office today!

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