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Laser Therapy for Treatment of Pain

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

We have become experts at treating both acute and chronic pain. Through thousands of patient visits, our doctors understand that each patient is unique and therefore may require unique or customized therapies. We are experts at helping patients find the best treatment plan for them.

Pain, pain, pain!

Acute pain (pain that lasts less than six months) and chronic pain (on-going pain sometimes of unknown origin) is a huge problem in the United States:

  • 70-85% of us will experience some form of back pain in our lifetime[1]
  • Over 10 million people will experience neck pain
  • Over 10 million will people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome[2]
  • 22% of the U.S adult population has been diagnosed with arthritis by their doctors. By 2030, 67 million people will have been diagnosed with arthritis[3]

Help, help, help!

As doctors, we must balance treatment of your pain against the potential negative side effects of some treatment options. The therapies we make available at Riffey Chiropractic have been adopted for use because we feel these options provide the greatest benefit to our patients while minimizing harmful side effects.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT, for short) is one of those treatment options. It is another bullet we have in our treatment arsenal for our patients who suffer from acute or chronic aches and pains and who also want to:

  • Reduce neck pain[4]
  • Possibly reduce their pain medications
  • Consider before surgical intervention
  • Improve sleep
  • Many other potential benefits

Laser therapy is used world-wide to treat acute and chronic pain, maintain wellness and improve health and athletic performance. Our laser delivers pain-free therapy in the form of light energy units – called photons – to damaged cells. Researchers believe that the damaged cells absorb photons to help stimulate the mitochondria and transform cells to a stable and healthy state.

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[4] Chow, Roberta T., et. Al, Efficacy of low-level laser therapy in the management of neck pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized placebo or active-treatment controlled trials. Lancet, 2009.

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